How To Watch Canelo Vs Munguia: Date, Time, Fight Card, & More Info

Canelo Vs Munguia: The highly anticipated matchup between Mexican boxing stars Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Jaime Munguia is set to take place this weekend at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

With Canelo defending his undisputed super middleweight crown, fans are eager to see if Munguia can dethrone the champion and make a name for himself in the boxing world. Look no further if you need help with how and when to watch this exciting.

Understating About Canelo vs Munguia

How To Watch Canelo Vs Munguia: Date, Time, Fight Card, & More Info

Few names shine as brightly in boxing as Canelo Alvarez. He stands atop the super middleweight division, an undisputed title. His skills in the ring are unparalleled, making him a legend among fans.

On the other hand, Jaime Munguia emerges as a formidable challenger. His hunger for victory is evident in every match he fights. Munguia’s rise in the boxing scene has been meteoric, capturing attention worldwide.

This is not just about a fight; it’s a clash of titans. Both fighters embody the spirit of Mexican boxing. Their dedication to the sport is unwavering. As they prepare to face off, anticipation builds. Fans eagerly await to see who will triumph.

How To Watch Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia

How To Watch Canelo Vs Munguia: Date, Time, Fight Card, & More Info

Fans can watch the live epic showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Jaime Munguia on the pay-per-view broadcast available on DAZN.

The event is scheduled for this Saturday, with the main card beginning at 8 PM EST. Ensure your subscription is active to take all the action.

Limited tickets may still be available at the T-Mobile Arena’s official website or authorized ticket outlets for those who prefer to watch in person.

Remember, this is a highly anticipated match, so secure your viewing option early to experience every moment of this historic boxing event.

When will Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia take place?

The awaited about between Canelo Alvarez and Jaime Munguia is scheduled for Saturday, May 4, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fans should note that the undercard fights are set to commence at 20:00 ET, with the main event, featuring Alvarez and Munguia, expected to make their ringwalks around 23:00 ET.

For international viewers, this translates to a start time of 1 a.m. BST on Sunday, with the main event’s ringwalks at approximately 4 a.m. BST.

Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia Fight Card

Weight ClassMain Card
Super middleweightCanelo Vs Munguia
WelterweightMario Barrios vs Fabian Maidana
FeatherweightBrandon Figueroa vs Jessie Magdaleno
WelterweightEimantas Stanionis vs Gabriel Maestre

Who will sing the Mexican National Anthem?

Who will be honored to sing the Mexican National Anthem remains a mystery. Still, undoubtedly, the choice will be crucial on a night when patriotism will be felt in every corner of the arena.

The integration of music into this event is not just a tribute to the rich Mexican heritage but also a way to enhance the emotional atmosphere of a showdown that is shaping up to be one of the most significant of the year in the boxing world.

Who is the Mexican musical group Reik?

Reik is a renowned Mexican pop group formed by Jesús Navarro, Julio Ramírez, and Gilberto Marín. This trio, known for their harmonic and romantic melodies, has captured hearts around the globe.

Navarro’s early start in music, singing in choirs and masses, and influences from icons like Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams have significantly shaped the group’s unique sound.

Their music, blending pop and Latin rhythms, resonates deeply with listeners, making Reik a celebrated name in the international music scene.

What are tonight’s Canelo Vs Munguia previous fights?

How To Watch Canelo Vs Munguia: Date, Time, Fight Card, & More Info

The evening features an exciting lineup of bouts, including the headline-grabbing clash between Canelo Alvarez and Jaime Munguia.

The co-main event will see Mario “El Azteca” Barrios, a former world champion, stepping into the ring to defend his WBC interim welterweight title against the formidable Argentine Fabian “TNT” Maidana.

This fight card promises a variety of matchups that will captivate boxing fans and add to the anticipation of the main event.

What time does the Canelo vs. Munguia preliminary fights start?

The preliminary Canelo vs. Munguia event fights will start at 8 p.m. ET. Fans looking to catch all the action from the start should mark their calendars and adjust their schedules accordingly.

Remember, these bouts serve as the appetizer to the evening’s main course – the clash between Canelo Álvarez and Jaime Munguía, which is expected to commence around 11 p.m. ET. To ensure you don’t miss a moment, access the event through DAZN PPV, priced at $89.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Canelo Vs Munguia online?

Yes, the fight is available for live streaming through DAZN PPV. You’ll need an active subscription to watch.

What time does the main event start?

The main event, featuring Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia, is expected to begin around 11 p.m. ET, depending on the length of the undercard fights.

Are tickets still available for the fight?

Limited tickets may be available. Check the T-Mobile Arena’s official website or authorized ticket outlets for availability.

Will there be a replay of the fight?

DAZN typically offers replays of their events. Subscribers can watch the replay on the DAZN platform after the live event concludes.

How can international fans watch the fight?

International viewers can stream the fight through DAZN if they are in a region where DAZN is available. Check DAZN’s website for availability in your country.

Conclusion About Canelo Vs Munguia

The clash between Canelo Vs Munguia draws near. Excitement reaches a fever pitch as fans prepare. This match is more than just a fight. It’s a testament to Mexican boxing heritage. Both fighters are ready to leave it all in the ring.

The stage is set for a legendary showdown. Las Vegas will witness a battle of titans. As the world watches, history will be made. Take advantage of this epic encounter.

Secure your viewing method now. Be part of a night to remember. The bell is about to ring. Are you ready? This weekend, boxing history unfolds.

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