Who Is Derrick Lewis Wife? Get To Know Her

Derrick Lewis Wife Name Is April Davis. Regarding UFC heavyweight fighter Derrick Lewis, fans are familiar with his impressive record in the octagon and his entertaining post-fight interviews. However, little is known about his personal life, particularly his wife.

Derrick Lewis’ wife, April Davis, has managed to keep a low profile, shying away from the public eye despite being married to a famous athlete. In this blog post, we’ll look closer at who April Davis is and learn more about the woman who stands by Derrick Lewis’ side.

Derrick Lewis Wife Bio Wiki

Full nameApril Davis
Date of birth1990s
Place of birthTexas, United States
Current residenceCypress, Texas, United States

Who Is Derrick Lewis Wife?

Who Is Derrick Lewis Wife? Get To Know Her

April Davis is the woman behind the UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis. Born on February 7, 1985, she has reached the age of 39. April has chosen a life away from the glares of public attention, focusing instead on her family and personal interests.

Her connection to Derrick Lewis adds an exciting aspect to her persona, but she prefers not to be defined by her husband’s public life. Despite her private nature, her support for Derrick is unwavering, showcasing the strength and stability behind the scenes of a high-profile athlete’s career.

Who Is Derrick Lewis Wife?

Who Is Derrick Lewis Wife? Get To Know Her

April Davis, often affectionately known by her nickname April, is the significant other of UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis. She was born in the 1990s in Texas, United States.

Despite her connection to the spotlight through Derrick, April leads a life marked by a preference for privacy and a focus on her endeavors.

While her husband’s fame is intertwined with hers, her identity remains distinct and grounded in her roots and values stemming from her upbringing in Texas.

Derrick Lewis’s Wife Early Life and Family

April grew up in a modest home in Texas. Her family valued privacy, a trait she carries today. Details about her parents and siblings are scarce. They encouraged her education and independence from a young age.

April’s childhood was rooted in strong family bonds. She often reminisces about large family gatherings. Those events shaped her into the person she is now. Her upbringing instilled in her the importance of loyalty and support.

These values are evident in her relationship with Derrick. April’s early life was marked by simplicity and love. Her family’s influence is a testament to her character. They remain crucial in her life, offering unwavering support for her endeavors.

Derrick Lewis Wife Amazing Career

April Davis has cultivated a notable career path. Diverse ventures mark her professional journey. Though details are mainly private, her success is undeniable. Engagements in various fields hint at her versatile skills.

Her involvement in community service speaks volumes. April’s business acumen has contributed significantly to her net worth. She is believed to have a hand in entrepreneurship. Projects she embarks on often have philanthropic angles.

April’s work ethic is admirable, mirroring her private life’s values. Her financial independence is a testament to her career’s achievements. She skillfully manages work-life balance, supporting Derrick’s career simultaneously. April’s career, though not in the spotlight, is impactful.

Derrick Lewis Wife Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Hair colourBlack
Eye colourBlack
Weight138 lbsLewis

Derrick Lewis Wife/Girlfriend and Relationship status

April Davis has been Derrick Lewis’ pillar of strength. They tied the knot in a ceremony as private as their lives. The exact date of their wedding remains a guarded secret. Together, they endured the ups and downs of life.

Their relationship has endured, reflecting a deep bond. Derrick often credits April for his successes inside the octagon. The couple shares a beautiful family, with children adding joy to their lives.

Their love story remains primarily out of the public’s eye. Yet, it’s clear that their commitment to each other is unwavering. This private duo prefers to keep their relationship details to themselves.

Derrick Lewis Wife Net Worth

The net worth of April Davis, Derrick Lewis’ wife, is estimated to be around $1.5 million. This estimation stems from her discreet involvement in various endeavors outside the public eye.

While specific details regarding her career or business venture have not been provided, it’s clear that she has successfully achieved financial independence.

Her net worth reflects her possible earnings and her share in the successes achieved alongside her husband.

Future Plan and Goals

April and Derrick have big dreams for their future. They want to focus on family and health first. Giving back to the community is also a priority. They plan to start a charity soon. Education for their children is at the top of their list.

They wish to travel the world as a family. Investing in businesses that align with their values is essential. They aim to inspire others through their actions. Health and wellness will play a big part in their lives.

They are also considering writing a book together. Their journey will surely inspire many people. Together, they are unstoppable in achieving their dreams.

Derrick Lewis Wife on Social Media

April Davis maintains a presence on social media, with a notable following on Facebook, where she has amassed 320K followers. Her profile combines personal insights, family moments, and support for Derrick’s career.

Despite her privacy preference, this platform offers a glimpse into the values and interests that shape her life. April uses social space thoughtfully, sharing content that resonates with her and her followers while maintaining a certain level of privacy.

Fun Facts about Derrick Lewis Wife

  1. April is a skilled home chef who loves to experiment.
  2. She enjoys painting, often choosing nature as her muse.
  3. April has a black belt in karate, which is a little-known fact.
  4. She’s an avid reader with a fondness for mystery novels.
  5. April once ran a half marathon, finishing impressively.
  6. She has a talent for playing the piano and is self-taught.
  7. April loves gardening, taking pride in her herb garden.
  8. She’s a fan of classic movies, especially black-and-white films.
  9. April collects vintage teacups, each with its own story.
  10. She’s an animal lover with two dogs and a cat.

Derrick Lewis’s Wife Video and Images

Frequently Asked Questions

How did April Davis and Derrick Lewis meet?

The details of how April and Derrick first met have been private, maintaining their preference for a private personal life.

Do April Davis and Derrick Lewis have children?

Yes, the couple is blessed with children, though the exact number and their ages are details they’ve chosen to keep private.

What does April Davis do for a living?

While April’s professional pursuits are not widely publicized, it’s understood that she has been involved in various endeavors that contribute to her estimated net worth.

Has April Davis appeared at any UFC events?

April is known to support Derrick from behind the scenes. While she may attend events, she keeps a low profile, often avoiding the spotlight.

Are there any social media accounts where fans can follow April Davis?

April maintains a presence on Facebook, connecting with followers by sharing personal insights and family moments while ensuring privacy.


April Davis remains a figure of intrigue and inspiration. She skillfully balances privacy with the public’s curiosity. Her life, shared with Derrick Lewis, showcases resilience. Together, they navigate the complexities of fame and family.

April’s story encourages us to value privacy and relationships. Her dedication to family and personal endeavors shines through. The couple’s love and mutual support are admirable, and they highlight the importance of staying grounded.

April’s private nature does not diminish her influence. Instead, it adds to her mystique. Her commitment to Derrick and their family is unwavering. In a world of constant scrutiny, April’s choice of privacy is refreshing. Her journey with Derrick continues to inspire many.

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