Friday’s or Fridays’ or Fridays?

When it comes to the usage of apostrophes and plurals, many people struggle to determine the correct form. This confusion often arises when dealing with days of the week, particularly with the word “Friday.” In this article, we’ll explore the proper usage of “Friday’s,” “Fridays’,” and “Fridays,” and provide examples to help you master this grammatical nuance.

The Apostrophe and Singular Possession

The apostrophe is primarily used to indicate possession or ownership. When referring to a singular noun, we add an apostrophe followed by an ‘s’ to denote possession. For example:

  • The cat’s toy (The toy belonging to the cat)
  • John’s car (The car belonging to John)

In the case of “Friday,” we treat it as a singular noun representing a specific day of the week. Therefore, to express possession, we add an apostrophe and an ‘s’ to form “Friday’s.”


  • Friday’s weather forecast predicts sunny skies.
  • I’m looking forward to Friday’s party.

In these examples, “Friday’s” indicates something belonging to or associated with the day Friday, such as the weather forecast or a party happening on that day.

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The Apostrophe and Plural Possession

When referring to plural nouns that show possession, the apostrophe is placed after the plural form. For regular plurals formed by adding ‘s,’ the apostrophe follows the ‘s.’ For example:

  • The cats’ toys (The toys belonging to the cats)
  • The students’ grades (The grades belonging to the students)

Following this rule, the plural possessive form of “Friday” would be “Fridays’.”


  • I often enjoy Fridays’ relaxed atmosphere.
  • Many employees look forward to Fridays’ early dismissal.

In these instances, “Fridays'” refers to something associated with or belonging to multiple Fridays, such as the relaxed atmosphere or early dismissal that occurs on those days.

The Plural Form Without Possession

When referring to multiple Fridays without implying possession, we simply use the plural form “Fridays” without an apostrophe.


  • Fridays are my favorite days of the week.
  • I have plans for the next three Fridays.

In these sentences, “Fridays” is used as a plural noun without indicating possession, referring to multiple occurrences of the day Friday.

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Exceptions and Considerations

It’s important to note that there are exceptions to these rules, particularly when dealing with proper nouns or specific names. For instance, if referring to a person named “Friday,” the possessive form would be “Friday’s” (Friday’s book, Friday’s car, etc.).

Additionally, when the noun is a plural that doesn’t end in ‘s,’ the possessive form is created by adding an apostrophe and an ‘s.’ For example:

  • The children’s toys (The toys belonging to the children)
  • The geese’s migration pattern (The migration pattern of the geese)

Examples in Context

To further illustrate the correct usage, let’s consider some examples:

  1. Incorrect: “I can’t wait for Friday’s to come around again.” Correct: “I can’t wait for Fridays to come around again.” Explanation: Since there is no possession implied, the plural form “Fridays” is correct.
  2. Incorrect: “Fridays’ special offer at the restaurant ends today.” Correct: “Friday’s special offer at the restaurant ends today.” Explanation: Since we’re referring to a specific Friday and something belonging to that day (the special offer), the singular possessive form “Friday’s” is appropriate.
  3. Incorrect: “My favorite part of the week is Friday’s.” Correct: “My favorite part of the week is Fridays.” Explanation: There is no possession involved, so the plural form “Fridays” is correct.
  4. Incorrect: “The employees were excited about Fridays’ early release.” Correct: “The employees were excited about Fridays’ early release.” Explanation: Since we’re referring to something associated with multiple Fridays (the early release), the plural possessive form “Fridays'” is appropriate.


Understanding the proper usage of “Friday’s,” “Fridays’,” and “Fridays” can be challenging, but with practice and attention to detail, it becomes easier to apply the rules correctly. Remember, “Friday’s” indicates possession for a singular Friday, “Fridays'” denotes possession for multiple Fridays, and “Fridays” is the plural form without implying possession. By mastering these nuances, you can enhance your written communication and avoid common grammatical errors.

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