Fun new options for CBD gummies

It is without a shadow of a doubt that CBD gummies are the most delicious way to consume CBD. For those looking to skip the harshness of smoking, edibles like gummies make for the best choice. Plus, accurate dosing also helps make the case for CBD gummies. And with tons of fun flavor choices to choose from, you can never be short of options with these bite sized treats. Here are some of our favorite picks from the bunch.

CBD gummies with Delta 9

These gummies are designed to deliver the wellness of CBD along with a hefty dose of delta 9 for the ultimate euphoric effect. Some of the top rated ones in this section include

Strawberry gummies from Evil Extracts

This a full spectrum product from a well known brand. These gummies from Evil Extracts are a full spectrum product that combines CBD and delta 9 to give a memorable entourage effect. The gummies themselves are flavored with a strawberry like taste that should leave behind quite a fruity and sweet aftertaste that blends perfectly well with the high euphoria. Potency wise, this product sports 880 mg of total potency per pack. Each pack comes with 20 gummies, which means each serving will offer 44 mg of cannabinoids along with 10 mg delta 9. Being a full spectrum product, expect to find traces of other cannabinoids apart from delta 9 and CBD. These include CBN, CBG, CBC, and more. 

Green Apple gummies from Evil Extracts

Bite into a relishing, fruity taste of fresh apples with these gummies from Evil Extracts. The apple gummies are perhaps a great replica of the apple flavor, which makes this variant super high in demand. Made from legal hemp extracts, this is a full spectrum product that infuses the goodness of delta 9 and CBD in one single bite. The product is sure to leave a very lingering taste after consumption. Comes in a pack of 20 pieces, and per serving, it offers 44 mg of cannabinoids along with 10 mg delta 9 to offer perfectly balanced effects. Being a full spectrum product, expect to find traces of other minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and more blended in the product for a great entourage effect.

Lemon Dream Gummies from CBDfx

Overwhelm the senses with a gingery taste accompanied by a tang of fresh lemon with this product from CBDfx. Made with a potent blend of CBD and delta 9 THC in a 5:1 ratio, these gummies pack in a very potent punch with each serving. The product comes in a pack of 20 pieces with a total potency figure clocking at 600 mg. The taste is super satisfying, offers a very spicy yet citric taste with each bite, and leaves behind quite the fruity aftertaste.

Note: Gummies blended with delta 9 are considered incredibly potent for new users and we suggest that you start with half a gummy to gauge the effects. Since gummies can take some time to activate the effects, it is wise to start slow. You can redo it after evaluating your tolerance for the product.

CBD gummies for sleep

Not all gummies are made to have a super euphoric effect. Some CBD gummies are even preferred for their wellness benefits. Here are some of the bestsellers from the wide selection of CBD gummies for sleep.

Sleep CBD gummies from Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a recognizable name in the hemp market and they have been offering some brilliant products over the years. The sleep CBD gummies are among the bunch of bestsellers from the brand. This wellness product comes with a unique blend of CBD and melatonin to induce a sleepy sensation. Meant to aid natural sleep, this full spectrum product is known to produce some amazing effects. Flavored with a tangy raspberry like taste, each gummy offers a very satisfying aftertaste. The product comes in a pack of 60 gummies and each serving contains 10 mg of full hemp extract and 3 mg of melatonin. 

Broad Spectrum Sleep Aid CBD gummies from CBDistellery

The “shhh Distilled” lineup from CBDistellery has been a hotseller. Offering tons of flavor choices with superb sleep inducing effects, this is one great product to supplement your natural sleep cycle. This particular variant comes with a mixed berry flavor, which can be quite the relishing flavor for many. This is a broad spectrum product featuring the finest CBD extracts from legal US hemp. Total potency of this product is capped at 900 mg per pack, with each pack offering 30 pieces of delectable delights. Each serving contains 30 mg of pure CBD and 2 mg of melatonin to help with natural sleep. Being a broad spectrum product, expect to find no other cannabinoids in this blend.

Nighttime Rest gummies from Koi CBD

Coming in with a relishing taste of cherry and lime in every bite, this is another great product from the brand targeted towards wellness needs. This is a broad spectrum product from Koi CBD made with CBD and melatonin. The product comes in a pack of 10 pieces and each gummy will offer a dose of 10 mg CBD and 5 mg melatonin. Being a broad spectrum product, there is no other cannabinoid present in the product. The natural flavors of the product add another layer of excitement to the product, which gives off a sweet and tangy taste with every bite.

Note: It is important to remember that the products mentioned in this category are designed to complement natural sleep. It should not be considered a medication for sleep disorders. Also, being a sleep inducing product, these should be consumed at night before bed.

CBD gummies, with its plethora of blends and flavor choices, have been a real favorite for those looking to embrace hemp wellness but skip out on the harshness of smoking. Whether you are looking to embrace the high with delta 9 or have a peaceful night’s sleep with melatonin infused CBD gummies, the wellness options are practically endless. So, pick your choice and get started with CBD wellness today!

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