La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

La Casa De Los Famosos is back for its highly anticipated fourth season! Telemundo has just announced the list of celebrities living under one roof and battling it out for the ultimate prize.

With Nacho Lozano and Jimena Gállego as hosts, this reality show promises to be bigger and better than ever. Get a glimpse into the lives of 21 famous faces as they compete in challenges and navigate through the ups and downs of living together.

The 10 Celebrities From The House Of The Famous 4?

Aleska Genesis

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Venezuelan beauty Aleska Genesis is stepping into La Casa De Los Famosos with a portfolio as impressive as her modeling career. Aleska is not just a pretty face but also a savvy entrepreneur, having launched her line of perfumes and swimwear.

Her experience in the high-pressure fashion world, modeling for internationally acclaimed designers and brands, will give her a competitive edge in the house. Will her runway tactics help her navigate the intricate dynamics of the show? Only time will tell.

Christian Estrada

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Christian Estrada, a well-known name in reality TV, brings his competitive spirit from the soccer field to La Casa De Los Famosos. Known for his athleticism and strategic mindset, Estrada is no stranger to the pressures of competition.

Having appeared in several reality shows, he’s well-versed in navigating complex social dynamics, a skill that will undoubtedly serve him well in the house.

His past relationship with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado adds an intriguing layer to his persona, sparking curiosity about how his personal experiences and relationships might influence his game plan and interactions with fellow contestants.

Guty Carrera

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Guty Carrera, hailing from Guayaquil, Ecuador, brings a unique blend of acting and modeling expertise to La Casa De Los Famosos. With familial ties to soap opera star and Hoy Día co-host Danilo Carrera, Guty is no stranger to the spotlight.

His acting credentials were solidified with a cameo in the Mexican telenovela Nadie como tú, marking his debut in Mexican melodramas.

Guty’s fame skyrocketed in Peruvian television, where his charm and talent won him the crown in a popular reality show not once but twice. His diverse experiences across Latin American entertainment industries equip him with a versatile skill set for the competition ahead.

Rodrigo Romeh

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Rodrigo Romeh, the Mexican marvel, brings his impressive résumé to La Casa De Los Famosos, showcasing talents spanning bodybuilding, influencing, modeling, and entrepreneurship.

As a formidable competitor for the red team, his participation in the fifth season of Exatlón Estados Unidos underscores his dedication and prowess in physical challenges.

With an Instagram following of almost 2 million, Romeh leverages his platform to inspire his audience to pursue fitness and health through online training sessions, functional exercises, and weightlifting.

Robbie Mora

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Robbie Mora, a multi-talented Mexican celebrity, brings a rich background in entertainment to La Casa De Los Famosos. His journey through reality TV is highlighted by his appearances on shows like Acapulco Shore and Resistiré, where he showcased his resilience and dynamic personality.

As a former member of the renowned entertainment groups Wapayasos and Horripicosos, Robbie has honed his singing, modeling, dancing, and even personal training skills.

Leslie Gallardo

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Leslie Gallardo, a captivating figure from Celaya, Mexico, joins La Casa De Los Famosos with a background that’s as diverse as it is engaging. Known for her work in nightclubs and modeling, Leslie catapulted to fame through her memorable appearances in reality TV shows like La Venganza de los Ex VIP and Acapulco Shore.

Her experiences in these high-energy environments have boosted her public profile and equipped her with the resilience and strategic mindset needed to navigate the complex social dynamics of La Casa De Los Famosos.

Cristina Porta

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Cristina Porta steps into La Casa De Los Famosos with a background that intertwines sports journalism and television publicity, marking her as a well-versed media and public communication contender.

Her extensive experience with notable Spanish TV programs like Cazamariposas, Sálvame, and Punto Pelota has honed her skills in handling the spotlight and engaging audiences.

As a finalist on Secret Story, where she secured second place, Cristina has proven her competitive spirit and ability to thrive under the intense scrutiny of reality TV attributes that will undoubtedly enrich her journey in the house.

Alfredo Adame

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Alfredo Adame, a veteran Mexican actor and host known for his roles in telenovelas like Cuando Me Enamoro and Lo Que la Vida Me robó, steps into La Casa De Los Famosos amidst much anticipation.

Adame, often at the center of media attention for his controversial statements, views his participation in the show as a journey of emotional intelligence and ego management.

Daniela Alexis ‘The Baby’

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Daniela Alexis, also known as ‘The Baby,’ has captivated audiences with her standout personality and distinctive tone of voice. She first made waves in the Mexican program Enamorándonos.

Her journey continued on Telemundo’s reality show Los 50, where she further solidified her status as a memorable personality.

With a flair for drama and a knack for leaving a lasting impression, Daniela’s participation in La Casa De Los Famosos is eagerly anticipated by fans following her rise to fame.

Mariana Gonzalez

La Casa De Los Famosos: Drama, Gossip & More!

Mariana Gonzalez enters La Casa De Los Famosos as the ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian,’ renowned for her lavish lifestyle and love for high-end fashion. Married to Vicente Fernández Jr., she blends glamour and intrigue to the show.

Her presence promises to add a layer of sophistication and, possibly, drama as viewers anticipate how her opulent world aligns with the reality series’s competitive and diverse environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does La Casa De Los Famosos Season 4 premiere?

Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, January 23, at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

Who are the hosts of La Casa De Los Famosos Season 4?

Nacho Lozano and Jimena Gállego will be the hosts for this season.

How many celebrities are participating in Season 4?

Twenty-one confirmed celebrities are participating in the show.

Where can I watch La Casa De Los Famosos?

You can watch the show on Telemundo.

Will there be a live stream available for La Casa De Los Famosos?

Information on live streaming has yet to be provided; check Telemundo’s official website for updates.


La Casa De Los Famosos Season 4 is poised to be unforgettable. With a mix of intrigue, talent, and charisma, the cast is stellar. Fans are buzzing with excitement for the drama ahead. Each celebrity brings a unique flair to the competition.

The dynamics between them will be fascinating to watch. Nacho Lozano and Jimena Gállego will guide us through the highs and lows. As the premiere date approaches, anticipation builds.

This season promises to deliver entertainment like never before. Make sure to tune in and witness the spectacle. The journey of La Casa De Los Famosos awaits. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

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