Make Anniversary Flowers Special by Sending Flowers from These Online Stores

Anniversaries are special for everyone. These are significant milestones in a person’s life, to say the least. It reminds one of the times one has navigated through. It also shows how much love you have for one another. Married life is not easy, but when you have spent more than a year with one another, facing joy and obstacles on the way, you are due for celebration. Today, there is no dearth of anniversary gifts that you can give each other. However, flowers always remain primary. The good news is that you can go for anniversary flowers delivery. 

Choose OyeGifts for your anniversary flowers today, as you can get a wide assortment there. From the small and handy bouquet, to the large and opulent ones, you can get the best ones there. The gifting portal is the best one today, Pan-India, owing to the huge variety it has. You can choose from reasonably-priced gifts to expensive ones as well. 

So, the question remains, how you can make the anniversary more special with flowers. Well! It is pretty simple. Find out how you can do that, here. 

Choosing Flowers To Celebrate An Anniversary 

There are two ways to choose anniversary flowers. You can either choose the flowers according to the anniversary year. On the contrary, the other way entails you to choose the flowers according to the colours loved by your better-half. 

First Anniversary Flowers 

If it is the first anniversary celebration, you must go for carnations. Although these are quite old in the flower group, few people know about them. The first year as a couple may have been tumultuous. However, carnations for celebrating the first anniversary, is an achievement in itself. Carnations have a specific symbolism which you should know about. Vibrant and full of youth, these symbolize young and passionate love. So, they are perfect for those who have been married for a year. 

Second Anniversary Flowers 

Cosmos is the flower for the second anniversary. These traditional flowers represent harmony. This is the moment when the couple is more or else aligned with one another. So, choosing yellow cosmos flowers may be apt. If you want to work out a deep understanding with one another, it has to be cosmos all the way. Secondly, wives can also choose these flowers as Anniversary Gifts for Husband. Yellow also happens to be the colour of friendship. And, in any relationship, that is supposed to be an essential component. 

Fifth Anniversary Flowers 

Daisies are the flowers for the fifth anniversary. They symbolize lifelong love and fidelity. So, they are just the right ones for the 5th anniversary. The central part of the daisy flower represents the strong and intense bond between the couple. They may look plain and simple, but have a much deeper meaning. You will find them in a riot of colours from red, pink, and orange to purple. 

Now, online stores also play a very crucial role, when it comes to sending anniversary flowers. Moreover, these sites are serving as a lifeline to many people, who do not have the time or resources to go out and buy them. 

Advantages Offered By Gifting Sites While Buying Anniversary Flowers 

Online flower shopping has grown a lot in popularity today. 

  • The biggest advantage of buying flowers online is the ease. You can just open the site online on your phone or laptop, and choose the floral gifts, and make the payment. 
  • It is also quite simple to order flowers online, as you can compare the costs. That is pretty much difficult, when you buy flowers offline. 
  • You can send the flowers to your spouse, even if you are not present on the anniversary day because of other commitments. Sending flowers online is both convenient and time saving. 
  • Moreover, online gift sites have lots of variety. That is simply impossible at a neighbourhood store or at the mall. 

Final Words 

So, choose OyeGifts today for Anniversary Flowers Online Delivery in Delhi. You can order the flowers, even if you stay abroad. Delivery is possible in all pin codes in India. Moreover, you can choose the delivery time, which is an added benefit. Make this anniversary special, by sending anniversary flowers, the right way. 


Q1. What are the benefits of sending anniversary flowers from online stores?

Online flower stores are a beacon of convenience, offering a wide selection of arrangements and the ability to schedule deliveries in advance. They also often provide customization options and same-day delivery, ensuring your anniversary flowers arrive fresh and on time, relieving you of any last-minute stress.

Q2. Which online stores are best for unique and high-quality anniversary flower arrangements?

Some popular online stores known for their unique and high-quality anniversary flower arrangements, such as 1-800-Flowers, ProFlowers, FTD, The Bouqs Co., and UrbanStems, offer a variety of designs that will surely excite and intrigue you, from classic bouquets to modern and trendy arrangements.

Q3. How can I ensure the flowers I order online are fresh and of good quality?

Choose reputable online flower stores with positive customer reviews and high ratings to ensure the freshness and quality of your flowers. Look for stores that offer satisfaction guarantees and provide information on their sourcing and delivery processes. Additionally, opt for flowers with a freshness guarantee or those delivered directly from local florists, giving you confidence and security in your purchase.

Q4. Can I customize the flower arrangement for my anniversary when ordering online?

Yes, many online flower stores offer customization options. You can often choose the type of flowers, the color scheme, and the style of the arrangement. Some stores also allow you to add personalized messages, additional gifts like chocolates or teddy bears, and select specific vases or packaging to make the gift even more special.

Q5. What are some tips for choosing the perfect anniversary flowers online?

When selecting an arrangement, consider your partner’s favorite flowers and colors. Look for designs that symbolize your relationship and the milestone you’re celebrating. Read product descriptions and customer reviews to ensure the arrangement meets your expectations. Additionally, check for any special promotions or discounts to get the best value for your purchase.

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