Seth Meyers Wife: All About Alexi Ashe

Seth Meyers Wife Name Is Alexi Ashe. Seth Meyers is well known for his quick wit and comedic talent, but behind every successful man is a strong and supportive partner. In Meyers’ case, that partner is Seth Meyers Wife, Alexi Ashe.

While many may know her as simply “Seth Meyers Wife,” there is much more to Alexi Ashe than her famous husband.

As a human rights lawyer and the founder of the organization “Her Justice,” Ashe has dedicated her career to fighting for gender equality and access to justice for women and girls. Look closer at the inspiring and accomplished woman behind the late-night host.

Seth Meyers Wife Bio Wiki

Real NameAlexi Ashe Meyers
ProfessionAttorney, Criminal Prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney, and philanthropist
AgeAttorney, Criminal Prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney and philanthropist
Date of BirthApril 1, 1983
BirthplaceNew Mexico, United States

Who Is Seth Meyers?

Seth Meyers Wife: All About Alexi Ashe

Seth Adam Meyers, born on December 28, 1973, has made a significant mark in the American entertainment industry.

Renowned for his humor and sharp commentary, Meyers has become a versatile talent, effortlessly juggling roles as a comedian, television host, actor, writer, producer, and podcaster.

At 50, his influence spans various platforms, notably as the host of “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” His career trajectory, marked by critical acclaim and a loyal fan base, underscores his status as a prominent comedy and television broadcasting figure.

Who Is Seth Meyers Wife?

Seth Meyers Wife: All About Alexi Ashe

Born on April 1, 1983, in New Mexico, Alexi Ashe Meyers was welcomed into the world by her parents, Tom and Joanne Ashe. Growing up, she wasn’t alone in her adventures and learnings; her sister, Ariel Ashe, was by her side.

Together, they navigated the challenges and joys of childhood, laying the foundation for Alexi’s future endeavors in law and human rights advocacy. Her early experiences undoubtedly shaped her path toward becoming the committed and passionate advocate she is today.

Seth Meyers Wife Early Life and Family

Alexi grew up in a nurturing, vibrant home in New Mexico. Her parents, Tom and Joanne, instilled a deep sense of justice in her. Her sister, Ariel, was her childhood confidante and partner in crime.

The Ashe household was always buzzing with discussions on social issues. Weekends were for community service, planting the seeds of activism in Alexi. From an early age, she showed a keen interest in helping others.

Her family’s support was unwavering, shaping her into a compassionate human. She spent holidays volunteering at shelters, further igniting her passion for human rights. This upbringing laid the groundwork for her future in law and advocacy.

Seth Meyers Wife Amazing Career

Alexi Ashe Meyers isn’t just any lawyer. Her passion led her to human rights, and she became a beacon for women’s rights. Her journey started with local nonprofit work. Soon, she founded “Her Justice.”

This organization champions abused women. Alexi’s expertise shines in gender equality. She fights tirelessly for justice. Her work has impacted many lives. Recognition for her efforts isn’t uncommon. Awards and accolades have followed her career.

Beyond the courtroom, she educates others. Her voice is influential in conferences worldwide, and each case strengthens her resolve. Alexi’s career is a testament to dedication. Her impact on society is undeniable, and her work continues to inspire.

Seth Meyers Wife Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Height in Centimeters167 cm
Height in meters1.67 m
Height in Inches5 feet 6 inches
Weight in Kilograms57 kg
Weight in Pounds125 lbs
Body Measurements34-29-36

Seth Meyers Wife/Girlfriend and Relationship status

Seth Meyers Wife: All About Alexi Ashe

Alexi Ashe has been happily married to Seth Meyers since 2013. Their relationship blossomed from a chance meeting at a wedding. Quickly, they became inseparable, sharing laughs and dreams.

The couple’s bond strengthened over time, leading to a picturesque marriage. Together, they have welcomed three beautiful children into their lives. Their love story is often shared with humor on Meyers’ show.

Despite their busy careers, they prioritize family time. Holidays and weekends are special for them, full of joy and laughter. Their mutual respect and love are evident to all who know them.

Seth Meyers Wife Net Worth

Beyond her impactful work as a human rights lawyer and advocate, Alexi Ashe Meyers has carved out a significant financial standing. While exact figures can fluctuate and are often private, estimates suggest that her net worth is around $12 million.

This substantial sum reflects her success in the legal field and her engagements in public speaking and advocacy work. Her financial achievements, much like her professional ones, underscore the breadth of her capabilities and her dedication to her career and causes.

Future Plan and Goals

Alexi Ashe Meyers continues to set ambitious goals. Her focus remains on expanding “Her Justice.” She aims to reach more women in need. Partnership with global organizations is on her agenda.

Meyers plans to leverage her influence for a more significant impact. Increasing public awareness about gender inequality is crucial, and she is dedicated to advocating for policy changes.

Training more volunteers is also a priority. Her goal is to create a stronger, more inclusive community. Meyers is committed to her mission, undeterred by challenges. She seeks to inspire others to join her cause. Together, they can make a significant difference.

Seth Meyers on Social Media

Seth Meyers embraces the digital age with a solid social media presence across multiple platforms. On Instagram, he engages an audience of 812K followers with behind-the-scenes glimpses and personal anecdotes.

His Facebook page, boasting 426K followers, is a hub for show highlights and comedic insights. TikTok fans enjoy Meyers’ humor, too, where he has amassed 442.6K followers and 31.2M likes, showcasing his adaptability to short-form content.

YouTube further extends its reach with 4.66M subscribers, offering clips and extended interviews from “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Meyers’ varied social media platforms highlight his multifaceted appeal to a diverse audience.

Fun Facts about Seth Meyers Wife

  • Alexi is fluent in Spanish, enhancing her advocacy.
  • She ran a marathon to support women’s health issues.
  • Her first date with Seth was at a baseball game.
  • Alexi loves cooking and often experiments with vegan recipes.
  • She has a hidden talent for painting, especially landscapes.
  • Alexi and Seth share a love for rescue dogs.
  • Her favorite book genre is historical fiction, a relaxing escape.
  • Ashe has a green thumb with a garden full of herbs.
  • She once appeared in a skit on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”
  • Alexi prefers biking over driving in the city for errands.
  • Her go-to karaoke song is by Fleetwood Mac, a classic choice.

Seth Meyers Wife Video and Images

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe meet?

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe met at a mutual friend’s wedding. Their connection was immediate, and they quickly began dating, leading to their eventual marriage in 2013.

What is “Her Justice,” and what role does Alexi Ashe play?

“Her Justice” is an organization founded by Alexi Ashe that provides legal services to women in need, particularly those facing issues of abuse. Ashe is actively involved in its operations and advocates for gender equality and justice.

Does Alexi Ashe participate in public speaking or advocacy outside her legal work?

Yes, Alexi Ashe is an active public speaker and advocate for women’s rights. She frequently participates in conferences and panels worldwide, discussing gender equality and the importance of legal access for women.

What are some of Alexi Ashe’s hobbies or interests?

Beyond her professional work, Alexi Ashe enjoys cooking, especially trying out vegan recipes, running marathons to support health causes, and gardening. She is also a fan of historical fiction and loves painting.

Have Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe collaborated on any projects?

While Alexi has mostly stayed out of the limelight, she has appeared in a skit on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that showcases their collaborative and humorous relationship.


Alexi Ashe Meyers is much more than just a spouse. Her drive, dedication, and heart shine in her work. Through “Her Justice,” she impacts countless lives. Together with Seth, she forms a power couple, inspiring many.

Their love story adds a personal touch to their public personas. Alexi’s advocacy and legal prowess set her apart. She’s a role model for women everywhere, and her goals for the future promise even more significant achievements.

Alexi and Seth’s journey reflects shared values and mutual respect. Their story is far from over, with more chapters to write. Truly, Alexi Ashe Meyers is a remarkable individual who shapes a better world.

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