Timothy Olyphant Wife: All You Need To Know

Timothy Olyphant Wife is Alexis Knief. In Hollywood marriages, it’s not uncommon for couples to call it quits after a few years.

However, one couple has endured in the entertainment industry—Timothy Olyphant and Timothy Olyphant Wife, Alexis Knief.

The couple has been married for almost three decades, and their love story inspires and fascinates fans. This post will closely examine Timothy Olyphant Wife and their long-lasting marriage.

Timothy Olyphant Wife Bio Wiki

Full nameAlexis Knief
Date of birthJanuary 1, 1970
Age54 years (as of 2021)
Zodiac signCapricorn
Place of birthSouth Carolina, US
Current residenceWestwood, Los Angeles, California
Famous asTimothy Olyphant Wife

Who Is Timothy Olyphant?

Timothy Olyphant Wife: All You Need To Know

Timothy Olyphant is an acclaimed American actor born on May 20, 1968. With a career of over three decades, he has become a familiar face in film and television. He is best known for his roles in hit series such as Deadwood, Justified, and Santa Clarita Diet.

His versatile acting skills have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. Olyphant’s charismatic presence on screen has contributed to his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Who Is Alexis Knief?

Timothy Olyphant Wife: All You Need To Know

Alexis Knief is an American personality famously known as the wife of actor Timothy Olyphant. Born on January 1, 1970, she has managed to maintain a low profile despite her husband’s fame.

Knief met Olyphant while attending the University of Southern California, where their romance began. She has often been described as a supportive partner and a key figure behind Olyphant’s successful career.

Unlike her husband, Knief has chosen to stay out of the limelight, focusing instead on their family life. Together, they share three children and have navigated the complexities of a Hollywood marriage with grace and privacy.

Timothy Olyphant Wife Early Life and Family

Alexis Knief grew up in a modest, closely-knit family. Strong family values marked her upbringing. She was born a New Year’s baby on the first day of 1970. Little is known about her siblings or parents.

Alexis treasured her privacy from a young age. Her childhood was presumably normal, filled with typical family activities. She attended local schools before college, where her path crossed with Timothy Olyphant’s at the University of Southern California.

College life brought them together, sparking a romance that has lasted decades. Their shared values of family and privacy have kept them grounded. Together, they have built a life focused on love, respect, and togetherness.

Timothy Olyphant Wife Amazing Career

Despite being Timothy Olyphant Wife, Alexis Knief keeps a low career profile. Not much is publicly known about her professional life. Unlike her husband’s prominent acting career, Alexis prefers a life away from the spotlight.

She has yet to pursue a career in Hollywood. Instead, her focus is on supporting her family. Her presence at events alongside Timothy hints at her role as a steadfast partner.

Reports suggest she’s involved in charity work, contributing to society behind the scenes. This aligns with her preference for privacy and a grounded lifestyle.

Her career details remain scarce, reflecting her choice for a non-public life. This mystique adds to the intrigue surrounding her persona.

Timothy Olyphant Wife Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Height in feet5’8″
Height in centimetres172 cm
Weight in kilograms55 kg
Weight in lbs121 lbs
Body buildSlim
Body measurements34-24-37 inches
Shoe size6 (US)
Dress size4 (US)
Eye colourBrown
Hair colourBlonde

Timothy Olyphant Wife/Girlfriend Relationship status

Timothy Olyphant Wife: All You Need To Know

Alexis Knief has been the pillar in Timothy Olyphant’s life. Their bond was formed in the early ’90s at university. Since then, they’ve journeyed together, navigating life’s ups and downs. Married since 1991, their union is a rarity in Hollywood.

They’ve raised three children, showcasing a solid family unit. Both prioritize privacy, keeping their relationship out of the limelight. This discretion has fueled curiosity and respect.

Their long-standing marriage is a testament to their commitment. They share a deep, enduring love. Unlike typical Hollywood tales, theirs is one of a lasting partnership. They’ve proven that love, respect, and privacy can coexist, even in the spotlight.

Timothy Olyphant Wife Net Worth

While Alexis Knief has maintained a low profile and focused primarily on her family and charity work, there are estimations about her net worth. Considering her life away from the limelight, exact figures on her earnings or investments are not publicly available.

However, it’s estimated that Alexis Knief’s net worth could be around $1 million. This figure is speculative and reflects a combination of her possible ventures, investments, and shared financial success with her husband, Timothy Olyphant.

Future Plan and Goals

Timothy and Alexis Olyphant cherish their present while eyeing the future. Plans include nurturing their family’s strong bond. Their goals focus on maintaining privacy, a rarity in Hollywood. The couple also aims to continue their charitable endeavors.

They hope to inspire others with their lasting relationship. Building on decades of love, they look towards growing old together. Their focus remains on supporting their children’s futures. They believe in leading by example and valuing privacy and charity.

The Olyphants appear content with their life’s trajectory. Their journey inspires many, showing love and commitment’s power. The future holds more private yet impactful contributions to society for them.

Timothy Olyphant Wife on Social Media

Alexis Knief keeps her digital footprint minimal but maintains a presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

She has garnered around 3,900 followers on Instagram, where she shares glimpses into her personal life and interests.

Her Facebook profile is significantly more popular, boasting approximately 534,000 followers. Knief offers a peek into her world through these platforms, albeit keeping in line with her preference for privacy and discretion.

These social media accounts provide fans a rare insight into the life of Timothy Olyphant Wife, away from the Hollywood glare.

Fun Facts about Timothy Olyphant Wife

  1. Alexis met Timothy in college, sparking their romance.
  2. She enjoys a quiet life away from Hollywood’s buzz.
  3. Alexis and Timothy share three children.
  4. She prefers to support her family from the background.
  5. Despite Timothy’s fame, Alexis maintains her privacy.
  6. She is known for her charitable contributions.
  7. Alexis has a modest following on social social media.
  8. Her interests include gardening and reading.
  9. Alexis and Timothy have a pact of staying grounded.
  10. They often enjoy simple outdoor activities as a family.
  11. Her approach to life contrasts with the typical celebrity lifestyle.
  12. Alexis values family over fame, which is evident in her actions.
  13. Their marriage is a testament to enduring love.

Timothy Olyphant Wife Video and Images

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Timothy Olyphant meet Timothy Olyphant Wife?

Timothy Olyphant met Alexis Knief in college at the University of Southern California, where their romance blossomed into a lifelong partnership.

Do Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief have any children?

Yes, the couple has three children. They have worked together to maintain a strong family unit while keeping their children’s lives private.

What does Alexis Knief do for a living?

Alexis Knief keeps a low profile regarding her career. She is known to focus on her family and engages in charity work, preferring to stay out of the limelight.

Has Alexis Knief appeared in any films or TV shows?

Unlike her husband, Alexis has chosen not to pursue a career in Hollywood and does not appear in films or TV shows, focusing instead on her family life.

Are Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief active on social media?

Alexis Knief maintains a modest presence on social media, sharing glimpses of her personal life. She values privacy but provides rare insights into her world through platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


Timothy and Alexis’s bond shines uniquely in the glow of Hollywood’s transient liaisons. Their love, rooted in college days, has flourished over decades. This journey reflects commitment rarely seen in showbiz.

They have navigated fame while keeping their bond intact. Alexis, a figure of support and privacy, complements Timothy’s public persona perfectly. Together, they’ve prioritized family, showcasing a different Hollywood story.

Their approach offers a refreshing narrative about love in the limelight. Their story, both ordinary and extraordinary, inspires. It teaches us about the strength of staying true to one’s values.

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